Endodontic referrals

Endodontic referralsEndodontic referrals will be handled by one of our experienced team of dentists under loupes and microscope, and you will be kept fully informed of your patient’s treatment with us before they are returned to your very good care.

Price Guide*

FREE Clinical Consultation (30 min) This includes a comprehensive oral examination to discuss the options available to your patient, and results in the production of a fully-costed individual plan for their treatment. The Clinical Consultation is free of charge.
Root Canal Therapy (1 hr 30 min)
Complex cases will result in higher fees being applicable.
Incisor/Canine from £320.00
Premolar from £395.00
Molars from £550.00
Re-treatments for Molars from £595.00
 Sedation from £200.00


Referral Form for Dentist use only:

Completed Referral Forms can be sent to us by Email, Fax or Post, however please put the original signed copy in the post if you chose to Email or Fax us. Details of where to send each form are detailed on the Referral Form dependant on referral-type and practice selected.


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