Patient Testimonials

Just a quick line to thank you so much for your work on Thursday night. I feel great and hardly any swelling at all, actually I saw Sarah “hygienist” the next day at school and she couldn’t believe it. John and I were both shocked at how fine I felt all weekend and no painkillers needed now. I am truly lucky to have found such a great dentist.
Mrs D C, London


I had my crown implant replaced today (Feb-13) and I just want to say thank-you for an amazing service. My mouth is so much more comfortable now with the implant in place.
Mr W, Cirencester


I am quite new to Cirencester Dental Practice having recently moved into the area and my family and I have received a really warm welcome. Going to the dentist is not something I look forward to very much so I am delighted to say all the treatment I have had has been carried out in a most professional and caring manner by Ross and his team. The practice is run super-efficiently partly due to investment in and good use of modern technology and also very knowledgeable and experienced staff. Many thanks for all your efforts and keep up the good work!
Mrs R Stroud

When I moved back to Gloucestershire last year I needed to find a dentist able to fit Implants. Cirencester Dental Practice were advertising in a local newspaper and I became a patient in February 2010. I have lived in several counties over the last twenty years and have had the experience of being on the patient list of many dentists.Most of my teeth have been heavily filled over the years and many have been lost during pregnancy. I am a very nervous patient and was worried about the whole process of having an Implant. I needn’t have worried as from my first visit all the staff made me feel welcome, kept me informed and managed the appointments well.

At every stage of the complex procedure I felt that the whole team supported me. I was particularly impressed with the attention to hygiene and the care taken to ensure that my mouth was carefully prepared for each step of the process.

The next step is to put Implants on the other side of my mouth to take three crowns. I am really looking forward to eating normally again soon.

I would highly recommend the practice.
Mrs G Fairford


I went to the Cirencester Dental Practice in some trepidation for a consultation about possible Implants, and was immediately reassured by the friendliness, the welcome and the helpfulness of everyone. The facilities and equipment are impressive and I have complete confidence in Ross [Dr Ross Cutts]. When I had a minor emergency I was seen to at the earliest opportunity. I can recommend the practice unreservedly.
Mrs V Coln St Aldwyns
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Simon and his team. With his skill and patience we overcame the idiosyncrasies of my mouth and I’m really delighted with the results, especially now my teeth have been whitened as well. He’s knocked years off my smile.
Mrs S Woodmancote
Last year I had an Implant fitted. Being previously totally terrified of dentists, I was dreading the whole procedure. However, I can honestly put my hand on my heart and say that Ross Cutts was amazing and the entire experience was painless and stress free. I have had no problems with the Implant at all and have been completely happy with the result.
Mrs WEast Isley

Having been advised by my local dentist that the only option for two previously crowned teeth was a double implant, my husband unconditionally recommended that Ross Cutts should undertake this delicate dental work.

Ross had previously fitted an implant for my husband when he was in practice at Westcombe Park and, despite the rather long journey from Kent to Cirencester, was adamant that this was the best option. Looking back l am extremely glad that I took my husband’s advice. The service that I received from everyone at the Practice was both very professional and personal and I felt very at ease from the start.

I am very satisfied with the end result both cosmetically and practically and I would have no hesitation in recommending the Cirencester Dental Practice for implant treatment
Mrs B, Cirencester

For a number of years our local NHS dental practice provided a level of care that was adequate for our family’s needs. In recent years however, eating had become progressively difficult for me brought about by an accumulation of extractions and general wear and tear of my teeth.

My local NHS practice could only offer a limited range of remedies to my dental distress and it seemed that dentures were the only option, so I asked family and friends about their experiences with them. Many spoke of their dissatisfaction, discomfort and embarrassment and indicated that they would consider alternatives to dentures.

I had heard about dental Implants, but did not know much about them. What I found on the internet offered some hope but I realised that, for me, these were uncharted waters. Naturally, I was quite anxious. I needed the reassurance that treatment would relieve me from the misery of sensitive teeth and restore my ability to chew and enjoy food without discomfort and embarrassment.

Mustering all my resolve, I made an appointment at Cirencester Dental Practice to see if anything could be done for me. Fearing the worst and plagued with terrifying childhood memories of dentist’s chairs, I was relieved to find a friendly, relaxed environment where I felt at ease and where I could come to terms with my anxieties.

Advanced3D equipment was used to scan and map my jaws and teeth. Reviewing the digital scan on a screen made it easier to visualise and discuss what Implants involved and different treatment options that were open to me. To supplement our discussion I was given a booklet, for later reading, containing general information on dental Implants and the different ways they can be used.

A few days after the first appointment, I received a pack of documents from Cirencester Dental Practice. The pack contained a letter confirming the key points of our discussion together with a suggested treatment plan. The suggested plan listed the nature and cost of all the treatment I needed. This reassurance combined with the knowledge that I could phase treatment to suit my work schedule and budget was invaluable to me.

The sensitivity that I experienced with my teeth immediately prior to my first treatment was remedied quickly and has not returned. It was evident at every stage of my treatment that the highest medical and professional standards were being observed. Appropriate use of technology minimised the amount of prodding around in my mouth and ensured that every Implant and crown fitted together perfectly.

Based on my experience, I can wholeheartedly recommend Cirencester Dental Practice to anyone finding themselves in a situation similar to mine, and who seeks the highest quality treatment. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Cirencester Dental Practice who helped me through my uncertainties, relieved me of pain, restored my ability to enjoy food and, as I later found out, renewed the self confidence that comes with a perfect smile.
Mr M (Wootton-under-Edge)