Cirencester ITI Study Clubs


ITI Study Clubs represent a local channel of communication that allows for the dissemination of the latest developments in implant dentistry.

The study clubs provide a forum for the discussion of clinical questions and an exchange of expertise as well as providing a  valuable networking opportunity.

Each ITI Study Club offers three to four meetings per year and the groups remain small, with a maximum of 30 members. This allows for interactive discussion of aspects of treatment planning, procedures, handling of complications and aspects of practice management and practice building.

The ITI Study Clubs are a great place to tap the collective knowledge and opinion of the members within a trusted environment and informal atmosphere.

itisITI Members participate free of charge while non-ITI Members can attend up to two meetings as guests.

Since their introduction in 2010, well over 650 ITI Study Clubs have been established around the world and the number is still growing. If you are interested in attending a meeting near you, please click here.

How to book

For potential/existing ITI Members and Fellows

Please proceed direct to the ITI website to sign-up for individual Study Clubs direct.

For Non-Members of the ITI wishing to attend as a Guest

Please email [email protected] and we’ll ensure you receive an emailed invitation to the Cirencester ITI Study Club of your choice. Up to two evenings may be enjoyed as a guest at no cost.



Upcoming ITI Study Clubs

* International Team for Implantology.