Facilities & Equipment

We make a commitment to invest in not only ourselves through continuing education, but also our practice to provide the most up-to-date equipment for our dentists to use to ensure we are able to provide the highest standards of clinical and patient care.

The standard of our equipment, its maintenance, and our sterilisation facilities all meet – and in many cases exceed – national standards.

CBCT Scanner – The most accurate planning for Implant surgery

What is a Dental CT Scanner?

A CT Scanner (computerised tomography) is a special kind of X-ray device that produces 3D colour images of your head, teeth, jaw bone and facial muscles in incredible detail. The conventional x-ray views most familiar to patients are only 2-dimentional and subject to varying degrees of distortion and inaccuracy. Where important anatomical structures must be avoided, the information they provide may therefore by inadequate.

The CT scan in contrast can provide life-sized 3-dimensional information of all regions of the upper and/or lower jaw from which precise measurements can be taken for pre-operative treatment planning. In some cases the CT scan may also be used to evaluate the results of bone-grafting procedures prior to placing Implants.

What are Dental and Dental Implant CT Scans used for?

Dental CT scans allow dentists to plan for complex dental procedures with incredible precision and accuracy by providing information about jaws in all three dimensions.


Diagnostic Dental CT scans are useful to Dentists in some of the following ways:

  • To check a patient’s suitability for Dental Implants
  • To check bone quality prior to placement of Dental Implants
  • To find the most suitable area in the jaw bone to place a Dental Implant
  • To have a 3D view of the sinus cavities, to assess the need for Sinus Lifts/Augmentation for Dental Implants
  • To evaluate Wisdom Teeth prior to removal
  • To look at the position of local nerves and arteries
  • Benefits to other general dental treatments, e.g. RCT where it gives precise Root Canal length.

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iTero Digital Scanner   – No unpleasant traditional mould materials

At Cirencester Dental Practice we are delighted to be one of few dental practices in the UK to use the iTero Intra-oral Digital Impression Scanner. This not only helps make visits to the Dentist a more comfortable experience for you, but also enables us to make Crowns, Bridges, Veneers and Implant restorations in the most precise, predictable method possible.


By using iTero, we are able to scan your mouth with the tip of a hand-held wand and create an impression 100% digitally without the mess or bad taste associated with traditional mould materials.  Plus you and your Dentist can follow the progress of the scan on-screen before the completed scan is sent to the computer where it builds a three-dimensional model of your teeth.

This result is a more comfortable impression process which provides you with more accurate, well-fitting Crowns, Bridges and Implant restorations.

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Premium Dental Implants & Dental Laboratories

To help ensure that your Implants will last for many years to come and to ensure the highest possible success rates, we only use established, clinically-proven dental Implant brands such as Straumann and Ankylos.

In addition, we have cultivated the relationship with the dental laboratories we use to produce the best quality Denture, Crown and Bridgework to complement your Implants and ensure the end result is as aesthetically natural as possible and meets your individual needs.

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