GDC Details

General Dental Council Cirencester Dental Practice adheres to the rules and standards governing our profession as set out by the General Dental Council whose details are:

Address: General Dental Council, 37 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 8DQ
Telephone: +44 (0) 845 222 4141 (UK local rate) / +44 (0) 20 7887 3800

Our GDC Registration Numbers are:

  • Ross Cutts (GDC No.: 78162)
  • Simon Ernst (GDC No.: 103291)
  • Thomas Elliott (GDC No.: 103515)
  • Joanne Vaughan (GDC No.: 4770)
  • Sabine Wilde (GDC No.: 125201)
  • Gay Cutts (GDC No.: 148673)
  • Portia McCoy (GDC No.: 226602)

COVID-19 Attendance Protocols

To ensure the safety of our staff and patients during this pandemic, we can only admit you to the practice if you:

  • Have completed a Pre-Appointment Covid-19 Risk Assessment by Email or Phone within 24 hours of your Appointment
  • Are wearing a Face Covering and Gloves

On arrival, please:

  • Ring the Doorbell once and wait to be invited in by a member of staff
  • Wait outside to allow other patients/staff to enter/exit the practice safely
  • Be patient and tolerant of the weather (it is out of our control!) and the HUGE strain
    that our Staff and Telephone Lines are under
  • We will come and collect you as soon as possible, but please be prepared for delays.